MAY23 – Still in the throes of setting up

May 19, 2023

Hi. Hi hi hi. I’ve been spending the last couple of months tinkering around in the background of the website filling and building things out. Bit by bit.

Firstly, I have made 3 different t-shirts. Which is good. Two of them are basic branding and tagline t-shirts and the third one is a line from a Richard Brautigan poem that became the title of an Adam Curtis TV show.

There’s all sorts going on that you’re gonna be unaware of: building out an updates section where I can post and comment on the latest T-shirt releases; an Articles section where I (or some so called Artificial Intelligence) will write articles about things that people who buy my t-shirts might be interested in; this secret diary section; a section that documents all the Nicolas Cage films I have seen; a press kit; a special Twin Peaks section… all sorts of crap.

Some of it will stick, some if it will not. But it’s the attempt at trying that’s important.

I want this site / store to be a beer money store. It’s not for making vast amounts of money, in fact, after printing, free postage, tax, marketing costs and discount costs I take in £5 per t-shirt. Which is like a pint.

So if you buy a t-shirt I get a dopamine hit and the cost of a pint.

Thank you.