JUL23 – Building out processes

July 15, 2023

I’ve basically been sorting things out so that the website, the marketing, the promotion and how everything fits together…. actually fits together.

It’s annoying, yet necessary. It means it fits correctly inside my head and therefore frees me up to build and make and create with the lowest barrier to entry that I can possibly have. Otherwise, I know what I’m like… and I won’t.

Doesn’t really helps that I’m setting  ↙️ Southwesterly up at the same time. The plan being multiple streams of income so that the future times are more capable with. Hopefully.

What you need to know

Going forward the website is going to have sections:

  • T-Shirts – this is where the 21 t-shirts are going to live. And be available to buy. Perfectly ordinary.
  • Good Music – will be sharing 21 track playlists of Good Music. With the occasional promotion of music-related t-shirt designs.
  • Damn Fine Coffee – where we share our favourite coffee brands & shops and the occasional promotion of coffee-related t-shirt designs. Reviews of coffee could also eventually be a possibility
  • Big Words – this is in progress and will appear in the future. Deep dives into things I am interested in. And then a T-Shirt designed based on this information.
  • Discount Codes – where the latest 21% discount code will live.

And then I am slowly going to build out these sections bit-by-bit over time.

Hope you come back and see what’s going on later….